Two Nights of Toubab: 12.2.10 Interview

Words By J-man

Carly and I arrived at the Bluebird Theater around 6:30 pm with equiptment in hand for an interview with Justin Perkins (Kora) and Luke Quaranta (Percussion). We entered the open door of the theater and stepped inside to find folks (presumably from the other bands) hanging out while Toubab sound checked. I approached the stage and made it known that I was there for the interview. I was directed backstage and down a staircase. At the bottom of the stairs I was met by Justin. He was smiling and very welcoming as he offered me a shot and asked if it was ok for him to smoke in such tight quarters.

We set up our gear and I graciously accepted the shot. As the interview began, I was feeling loose and my chest was warm. Maybe I should have had a chaser...

Following the interview, Justin made a comment about "J & J" referring to our initials.

Then he smiles and said "What's your last name?"

"Picard" I said.

"Mine is Perkins..." He said laughing. "What's your middle name start with?"

I gave him a sideways look and said "C."

He laughed again and said "Mine too... What's your birthday?"

At this point everyone in the room was silent and smiling...

I smiled and said "No... October 29th."

He laughed and said "Alright... November 28th.

With that I smiled, thanked Justin and Greg (their tour manager), headed back up the stairs through the Bluebird and back out to the street. It was time to start preparing for the evening's show...


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