Friday Funk: Bernie Worrell

Words By J-man

Bernie Worrell. The Godfather of funk. Bernie is a true national treasure, yet to many he is a virtual unknown. Bernie's musical voice can be heard across countless genres and it has been said that Bernie is the most sampled musician of all time. As a founding member of Parliament Funkadelic, his influence on funk was noticeable immediately. His sculpting of a language on the organ, paved the way for a huge portion of modern music. His other credits include a stint with the Talking Heads forever changing their sound and approach to performing.

Bernie has also been involved in such bands as The WOO Warriors, Praxis, Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains, SociaLybrium, Headtronics, and more. One of the most notable characteristics about Bernie, is his willingness to share the funk, sitting in with a plethora of bands whether in the studio or on stage. His ability to shine under any circumstances reflects his sheer skill and the label of a virtuoso.


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