Jamband Spotlight: Ultraviolet Hippopotamus

Words by Greg Molitor (ReMIND Photography)

For those who may not know, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, aka UV Hippo, is Michigan’s premier improvisational rock band. Hailing from Grand Rapids, the quintet has become a touring juggernaut over the past few years, and while the band commands respect unlike any Midwest touring act with mindblowing technical ability coupled with heartfelt original tunes, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus is still in its maturation period. The band utilizes a number of styles, and in doing so, performs the shit out of any genre of it feels like owning on any particular night. The adventurous attitude held by its members combines into a beast of a collective force as the group’s efforts result in some of the freshest tension and release moments of the 21st century. This is serious music...

Check out the two shows from Ultraviolet Hippopotamus found below. The first show, from Bell’s Brewery in Grand Rapids, contains a unique take on Pink Floyd’s Animals performed in its entirety, along with some killer renditions of UV Hippo originals.

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus Live at Bells Brewery on November 1, 2008. <--- Direct Archive Link

The second show is a one-set show from Spring Fest 2010 in Muncie, Indiana, and is an excellent display of the band’s ability to shine in a festival setting. For most improvisational bands, festival sets are noticeably different than two-set shows due to time constraints and require a band to put its best foot forward in the limited amount of performance time given. During this particular show, Ultraviolet wastes very little time, hitting the crowd early and often with its signature progressive trance-rock.

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus Live at Springfest on April 17, 2010. <--- Direct Archive Link

See you next Monday! Enjoy!

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus is:Brian Samuels - bass, guitar, mandolin, vocalsRussel James - guitar, vocalsDave Sanders - keyboards, vocalsCasey Jones - percussionJoe Phillion - drums



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