Bluegrass Sunday: Strength in Numbers

Words By J-man

There are very few bands throughout the history of bluegrass/string music that have accomplished (musically) what Strength in Numbers did. The individual talent of each member is staggering, put them together and we are presented with overwhelming skill and ability.

Strength in Numbers is made up of Bela Fleck (Banjo), Sam Bush (Mandolin/Fiddle), Jerry Douglas (Dobro), Mark O'Connor (Guitar/Fiddle), Edgar Meyer (Bass). One of the most prominent aspects of this definite super group is their classical approach. It's as if there was a conscious effort to tie classically arranged stylings to the bluegrass based group. The end result is some of the most beautiful, melodic and humbling music that many have ever come upon.

We hope you enjoy Strength in Numbers and explore the bounds and different realms of the bluegrass/string genre. This is indeed one of the most talented groups assembled. If you're not familiar, you should be...


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