Bowlive: Night Eight

Words By Karen Dugan (tinyrager)

At the end of a sporting tournament, it’s always the last three games that get the entire world tuning into see what happens. The combination of the best players at their trade and the culmination of power behind the season explode in a fury of energy and excitement. For seven nights, the members of Soulive, Eric Krasno, Neal Evans and Alan Evans, have delivered their audience pure soul music. Their talent beckoned some of the the heaviest of hitters from our scene to sit-in and blast multiple musical genres into our ears. Over 30 musicians have represented the scene and rotated around the Brooklyn Bowl stage, all leading up to these last three nights. Energy and excitement as its best!!

On this night, legendary flautist and saxophonist Karl Denson and singer Van Hunt were the run’s newest headlining guests, and surprise to us all, drummer /percussionist Yonrico Scott (The Derek Trucks Band), was posted behind his rig much of the night. Many musicians from previous performances graced us with their presence and talent such as keyboardist Ivan Neville, the wonderful flautist Kofi Burbridge, drummer ?uestlove, jazz pianist James Hurt, and The Shady Horns.

Alecia Chakour and the Osrah opened for the second time this run. Once again, her beautiful tone vibrated through the rafters of The Brooklyn Bowl as whispering inquires regarding the newest addition to The Royal Family could be heard around the floor.

The members of Soulive admitted to being tired but remarked at how the energy in the sold-out bowling alley musical hall had pumped them up almost immediately. Krasno and the Evans brothers have been on fire this entire run and no one would have suspected they had been raging for eight crazy nights. The funky-jazz trio started their long set with the surprise guest Yonrico Scott on percussion. The addition of Yonrico’s multiple sounds throughout the night’s set list was beautiful as he shook a rain shaker and ran his finger across the wind chimes in the most unique spots in songs like “Steppin” and “So Live.” Kofi Burbridge came out and performed a gorgeous solo on “In My Life” and just like that, the flute changed the entire game.

When Karl Denson was announced the place erupted. Yet again raising the bar from the nights previous, the trio and guests played through songs such as “Tuesday Night Squad” and “Shaeed.” Karl Denson alternated playing the flute and the saxophone and jaws dropped. Van Hunt and Alecia Chakour joining up to sing “Que Sera Sera” was an interesting choice and had the whole venue joining in unison. Ivan Neville’s vocals raged Sly Stone’s “In Time” and “Family Affair” drew the entire lineup on stage as they closed with “Sing a Simple Song.”

Night one of the final countdown to this musical tournament was complete. Imagine what the final two nights are going to entail!

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