Bowlive: Night Five

Words By Karen Dugan (tinyrager)

You could feel the buzz in the air as you strolled into the Brooklyn Bowl last night. Night five of Bowlive promised to be a night to remember with the energy level sky high as Soulive, Robert Randolph, The London Souls and DJ Logic were in the house.

With their Hendrix-style rocking, The London Souls blazed their way through the opening set. Like Soulive, this powerful trio, consisting of guitarist Tash Neal, bassist Kiyoshi Matsuyama , and drummer Chris Saint, projected a massive rock sound that filled every corner of the venue. Singing songs with powerful messages such as “She’s In Control” and “Take Your Time,” The London Souls were fierce rockers. They were the perfect choice to pump up the audience on this closing night of Bowlive 2 week one.

Soulive performed two juicy sets. The first set started with The Beatles covers “Come Together” and “Something” from their latest release, Rubber Soulive. The funk level rose as The Shady Horns joined Soulive on “Get Back.” The London Souls came out for the bluesy Chuck Berry tune “Lucille” and surprise guest Marco Benevento stepped out for Led Zeppelin’s “The Ocean.”

Set List: Come Together, Something, Eleanor/I Want You, Get Back, Lucille, The Ocean

Through the sounds of smashing bowling pins, Soulive began the second set with fan favorite “El Ron” where all three members of Soulive took great liberties with their instruments through the funky jazz tune. A lovely duet was delivered as Nigel Hall and Alecia Chakour took the stage for a smooth, soulful rendition of James Brown’s “Bewildered.” Then, amazing pedal steel guitarist Robert Randolph took the stage to continue where he left off the night previous. The venue was raging through “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That” and “Need More Love” as Robert instructed us to scream “LOVE!” as we were feeling the love around us. Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Chile” was next on this phenomenal set list of funk and rock. Randolph and Eric Krasno trading jamming licks was a real treat. The whole band, this time including jazz keyboardist James Hunt, joined the stage for a twelve person rage of Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop Till Ya Get Enough.” Finally, guitarist Andre’ Lassalle (Bernie Worrell and the Woo Worriers) joined the band for the final song.

Set list: El Ron, Bewildered, Don’t Matter, Need More Love, Lenny, Voodoo Child, Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

Bowlive’s audience was not left to stray as the live music ended. DJ Logic immediately began spinning records and we danced out our remaining energy to the likes of Aretha Franklin’s “Rock Steady” and other funky old school hits.

The festivities will continue as Bowlive2: Week 2 returns March 8th with the Mardi Gras Celebration featuring John Scofield, Ivan Neville, & Kofi Burbridge.

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