Disc Golfing with Zach Deputy

Words By J-man
Photos By Carly Marthis & J-man

Arriving at a small, run-down disc golf course in the suburbs of Denver, Zach Deputy could be seen warming up for the ensuing round. I was joined by my girlfriend, Carly and Murray, who was in town for the Winter Carnival and who is a Zach Deputy fan. Murray parked the car and we headed across the field towards Zach and the crew, who had taken to sorting through discs and leaning on the front of what appeared to be a Mercedes bus/van. Smiles over took them as they saw us approaching. I have had the pleasure of meeting both Zach and Brian Giggey on several occasions. Seeing their smiles as we walked up brought me back, and gave me a feeling of genuine happiness to see them. After some stretching, it was time to step up to the tee for nine holes of disc.

The wind picked up and set the pace for our game of shanks and mis-tosses. Walking the first hole, it was clear that this course was one of the most insignificant courses that any of us had played. It was mainly dirt, with a sparse selection of interestingly placed dead trees. Prairie dog holes littered the land and the little buggers could be seen popping in and out of their underground tunnel system.

"How was Quixote's last night, Zach?" I asked.

"Terrible" He said with a look of disappointment.

"There were like eighty people there... That's not right for Colorado." He stated now looking a little irritated.

The trend of irritation continued as we continued to toss. The frustration was taken lightly with jokes and mocking comments. It was interesting to listen to Brian and Zach discuss the different discs and tosses. As we tossed Zach offered up advice on form and follow through.

"Pimpslap a midget!" Zach said to me.

"What?" I said with confusion.

"Pimpslap a midget..." he said again.

"Hold the disc level and act like you are pimpslapping a midget" he said with a smile.

The following holes yielded similar results and continuous entertainment. Solid shots were few and far between. After a mention of score, Zach explained to me their scoring system which is always based off of a par three. That way there is a consistent reference point for their scores.

Wrapping up the nine holes, we headed over to some near by bleachers for a conversation...

Following the interview, we posed for some goofy pictures, said our good byes and were on our way. As we pulled behind their Mercedes bus, we noticed their license plate said "Play Disc Golf"...

J-man's Photo Gallery From The Course



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