In The Studio: Textiles w/ DJ Logic

Words, Photos & Video By J-man

Waking up there was excitement in the air. It would be the day that the world-renowned DJ Logic (Jason Kibler) would enter the studio with Pete Wall's "Textiles". Textiles is a band that plays enjoyable, tasteful and danceable electronic music. Pete Wall (Saxophone), Doug Tapia (Keys) & Brook Mouland "D-Minus" (Programming) together make up Textiles. That day in Denver, CO, would pave the path for not only some great music, but a relationship that could spawn into some live experiences.

Pete swung by to pick me up and we headed over to Scott's house. Scott is a part owner of the local Denver venue Cervantes. Pete grabbed the keys to Cervantes and in that direction we went. Arriving at Cervantes, Pete went through the set of keys, none of which seemed to fit. We were approached by a homeless gentleman and he told us a story about how he found ten dollars in a cell phone case on the ground once. Pete and I stared blankly at the man, just as the key opened the main door of the venue. In we went in search of a set of turntables for Logic to use. We located the turntables and were on our way back to Scott's to drop of the keys.

The first errand of the day behind us, we were on to errand number two which was picking up Logic from his hotel in Aurora, CO (a small town in the middle of nowhere). We arrived at the hotel and headed into the lobby to meet up with Logic. He entered the lobby, we greeted, headed back to the car and were on our way to Brooke's studio.

"So, what kind of music is it that you guys do?" Logic asked casually.

"... Country, metal, acid jazz, fusion, rap..." I quickly chimed in, cutting Pete off.

"Oh... ok...?" Logic answered with a touch of confusion.

"Shut up. Don't listen to J." Pete answered.

I laughed as Pete went on to describe Textiles sound to Logic. At some point the conversation shifted to all of the chaos that's happening in the world, apocalyptic theories, and solutions for our overwhelming oil crisis.

We arrived at Brook's house out which was positioned in a subdivision in the middle of nowhere. We lugged the gear into his beautiful home and down into his basement studio. With the rearranging of the room, we were able to accommodate the addition of DJ Logic. We headed upstairs for some Guacamole and some English Pub Ale before starting the session.

To start the session, Logic had to do a voice over for the New Blue Jazz Festival in Turkey. Brooke got Logic set up, got the equipment going, started recording and we all let the room to let him do his thing. From the other room we could hear him laughing and getting tongue tied. Following his completion of the voice over, Textile plugged in and began...

I've heard some some textiles stuff leading up to the studio session, but nothing like what I heard that afternoon at Brooke's house. Logic fit right in, a couple of times saying "Yeah!" and digging in. It was a perfect combination. It took all that I had to not dance my ass off. The music was grooving, loose, experimental and coherent in all regards. Brooke utilized a laptop as well as "Colossus" a large machine that looks like something out of Star Trek. Doug, working close to the keys, created some great melodies and rhythms. At one point Logic mentioned how solid his playing was. Pete rounded it out on the saxophone displaying some great tones and direction with the jams.

"Alright, I think we've got everything we need." Pete said after the long jam.

"This stuff is hot! Let's do another track. That keyboard was killing it." Logic said laughing.

Into another track they went. It was easy to see that everyone was enjoying themselves. Pete was laughing and encouraging Logic, who was smiling and scratching like crazy. Doug kept looking up and watching Logic, as did Brooke looking over his shoulder. I smiled as I knew this would not be a one time deal.

The vibe was very ambient and would be perfect for a late night/sunrise set. Between the two jams they played in the studio, I was sucked in. The session came to a close, with both parties being satisfied with the outcome. Logic tore down his gear, I packed up my equipment and we headed out.

We Drove Logic back to his hotel and on the way he mentioned touring. I smiled. We pulled up to the hotel and as the financial discussion unfolded, I stepped out of the car. Logic and Pete shook hands and Logic came around the back of the vehicle to collect his gear.

"Good seeing you, Justin. We'll catch up soon." Logic said heading into the hotel.

Pete and I swung by Cervantes to drop off the turntables and then he took me home. I was happy with the way the day unfolded. Pete thanked me and was on his way. I am looking forward to the album, which also features Steve Molitz and Eric Gould of Particle, as well as other guests that are in the works.

J-man's Photo Gallery From The Session.


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