New Artist Feature - The Lorax Tree

Words By Greg Molitor (ReMIND Photography)

The Lorax Tree is a solid new trio that offers a mix of drum and bass, trance, and space rock to its growing audiences. The band, based out of Cleveland, OH, blasts off at a frantic pace and delivers innovative soundscapes throughout its performances. Consistently carrying the overdriven energy that rockin’ music is all about, The Lorax Tree has opened for many established acts such as The Pnuma Trio, Tortured Soul, Dub Trio, DataRock, and Lotus. Check the links below for the band’s website, facebook, and myspace pages as well as a free download for its 2010’s live album. Genuinely powerful, The Lorax Tree has the capabilities to go the distance if continues to grow its fan base and tighten up a few of its tones. With regards to Lorax’s music, the band is certainly moving in the right direction with its progressive compositions, textural ideas, and overall originality. Look for The Lorax Tree during the Spring and Summer at smaller MIdwestern festivals as the band is certainly worthy of a listen if you haven’t seen it perform.

Album Download


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