New Mastersounds in Denver 3.12.11

New Mastersounds Live at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom on March 12, 2011.

Words & Photos By J-man
Audio Recording By Taper Corey

The exploration of new music and catching a band for the first time is a really special experience. Listening to The New Mastersounds on the Archive for the past couple of years, the time had finally come to catch them live. Cervantes was packed and vibing with the energy level through the roof before the band even hit the stage. Once they did, Cervantes was flipped upside down with funk.

Prior to the New Mastersounds sets, we had a chance to speak with Eddie Roberts, the guitarist for the band...

With the set underway, the band tore through some of the most enjoyable jazz/funk that I have heard in some time. It was easy to get sucked into Joe Tatton's organ playing. He made the keys scream with funky, delightful chops. Simon Allen's drumming was exciting and provided a groove to step to. Enter Pete Shand on bass, with solid funk precision and direction. Add Eddie tearing it up on the guitar, and you have yourself a hell of a funk party. Eddie's guitar work was great! Eddie Roberts is one of the most underrated guitarists on the scene.

That evening's show was up against String Cheese Incident's "Winter Carnival" and went unaffected boasting a massive crowd initially and an even larger crowd following the conclusion of the SCI show in Broomfield. Glancing down at my cell phone the time read "3:17 am". Confusion set in, as bars are only allowed to serve and host music up to 2:00 am typically. Then it came to me... It was daylight savings and the clock had jumped ahead. The crowd watched in wonder and excitement as the New Mastersounds played until about 3:30- 4:00 am.

The evening wound down with an excited and packed house. Many folks were there to enjoy and support a band that they have come to love. Many more, like myself, fell in love that night with a band that brings more energy and instrumental ability than most bands on the scene current day. Check out the New Mastersounds... They're fucking awesome!

J-man's Photo Galley From The Show


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