Colorado Music Hall of Fame Fundraising Dinner

Words By Nicholas Stock (Phat Phlog Blog)

So a question popped up on Facebook from Westword Denver asking people who they thought should be inducted into The Colorado Music Hall of Fame. My answer of Vince Herman was selected, and I received two tickets to The Colorado Music Hall of Fame Inaugural Fundraiser Dinner. Not really knowing what to expect other than a free meal, Amy and I headed down to Pasta Jay's in Boulder. What we got was an incredibly pleasant experience and a free bottle of wine. Let me break it down for you.

The event itself was your typical $100 a plate schmoozer. All of the big players in music promotion, booking, and ticketing were in attendance, not to mention the local store and venue owners as well. We found a table in the back room. After grabbing a drink, the food parade began. No less than thirteen courses were served including buffalo ravioli, chicken parm, bacon-wrapped shrimp, and delicious chocolate cake to end it all. During our meal, we shared great conversation with our tablemates and enjoyed some great acoustic music from a myriad of Colorado musicians.

Danielle Ate Sandwich got the event going by playing her ukulele for the guests. The entire line up of Kenny Passarelli, John Magnie, Matt Morris, Chris Daniels, Jock Bartley, Bill Nershi, and Richie Furay was an incredibly diverse snapshot of Colorado music. The varied players spanned the entire history of music produced in and inspired by this great state. Of course, the highlight was an unannounced performance from Bill Nershi. (They may not have advertised to avert any mass infestation of wooks. Luckily, I snuck through.) He was not on the bill and given the fact that he had just played a three-night run at 1st Bank, I didn't expect him to be there. Billy and his wife Jillian sang “Colorado Bluebird Sky” which premiered during Winter Carnival. They ventured back into our room and began mulling over what to play. I nonchalantly said “Barstool” to which Billy nodded and began strumming. It was nice to see a hero of mine play such an intimate setting. We finished our cake and made our way to the exit with full bellies and happy hearts.


  1. Do you ever feel like Billy is looked down on by the high-browed music establishment? Is it because of SCI and the some of the crowd they attract? He is, hands down, one one of best pickers/song writers in Colorado. Some people criticize the use of a his capo, but I think that has more to do with his vulnerable vocals and less to do with his picking abilities. I think Billy deserves more credit for contributions from the establishment. The musicians know, the critics follow, and the general public is always the last to know. Pay attention to the musicians.


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