Greyboy Allstars in Denver 4.16.11

Words By J-man
Photos By Carly Marthis

Karl Denson, Robert Walter.... Does anything else need to be said? For me this show has been about ten years in the making. Since first hearing about The Greyboy Allstars in 2001, I have been intrigued. Their combination of Jazz and Funk mixed with solid musicianship and production pushes them to the forefront of the jam/funk scene.

Entering the Bluebird Theatre, high energy could be felt. To me, this was a super group, to others it was just another band. Universally there was excitement and the communal vibe of a funk party.

With the show in full swing, the realization that the wait was worth it overcame me. The production and instrumentation was top notch. Karl Denson's sax playing is some of the cleanest that I have ever heard. Perfection is very rarely so evident in music. On the keys, Robert Walter stole large portions of the show as well as my focus. He called the shots and "conducted" the majority of the show. The chemistry and mastery between Karl and Robert was incredible.

Elgin Park's guitar playing was perfect for the music and reflected a level of musicianship on par with the bigger names in the project. On Bass was Chris Stillwell. His playing was solid and fitting but didn't stand out. Aaron Redfield was the man on drums. His playing was solid and fitting but again, didn't really catch my attention. The focus of the show was clearly the front line arsenal.

Two sets of fantastic funk, interwoven with jazz and jam had me in my glory. The instrumentation was top notch, the jams were tight, well approached and raging! The turn out was fantastic and the evening, overall, was a success for a band that has limited name recognition.

Ten years was well worth the wait. The Greyboy Allstars are a band at the top of their scene musically. With stepped up promotions (which seem to be in the works), and continued touring and performing, The GBA have almost unlimited potential. We had the opportunity to speak with Robert Walter following the show, and his enthusiasm and direction seemed unwavering.

Check out the Greyboy Allstars. It'll only take one track and you'll be hooked...

Photo Gallery From The Show


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