Jam Band Spotlight: North Mississippi Allstars

Words By Greg Molitor (ReMIND Photography)

Death has an interesting way of creating life. For North Mississippi Allstars cofounders Luther and Cody Dickinson, this was the case after their father passed away in August 2009. Jim Dickinson, a Memphis music icon, had always told his sons that they were better together than they were apart, and although the brothers were doing their own thing at the time of his death, his passing brought the duo back together to reform the North Mississippi Allstars...

Along with bassist Chris Chew, the Dickinson brothers created the North Mississippi Allstars in 1996. The band has been an in-demand act on the jam band festival scene ever since, masterfully recreating the Mississippi Country Blues sound with its unique sense of passion, grit, and improvisational knowhow. This week, I’ve selected two shows for your listening pleasure. The first is a fantastic full band performance by NMAS from March 2010, and the second is a recent performance by the brothers Dickinson at this year’s Wanee Festival. Luther and Cody Dickinson are currently touring NMAS as a duo throughout the South and have multiple festival dates lined up for the spring and summer including Wakarusa, Mountain Jam, and FloydFest.

North Mississippi Allstars Live at The Pour House on March 2, 2010.

North Mississippi Allstars Live at Wanee Music Festival on April 14, 2011.



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