Jamtronica Sampler: The Disco Biscuits & The New Deal

Words By Greg Molitor (ReMIND Photography)

The Disco Biscuits:

Camp Bisco X is officially less than three months away! It’s hard to believe that the The Disco Biscuits have been workin’ their groove for so long, but the proof is undoubtedly in the numbers. Converting naysayers and nonbelievers like myself along the way, the band has grown to become the most prominent band in the jamtronica scene over the past ten years by wowing countless audiences with its energy and tonal dominance. Here is a video and an archived show of The Disco Biscuits from Camp Bisco 9 to get you in the mood for this year’s event which takes place July 7th – July 9th in Mariaville, New York.

Disco Biscuits Live at Indian Lookout Country Club on July 15, 2010.


The New Deal:

The New Deal recently announced that this will be its final year of performing together. As unfortunate as this news is to its diehard fans, there will be plenty of opportunities to catch the Canadian trio throughout the remaining months of 2011. The band has multiple tour dates lined up at venues across the country as well festival slots at Wakarusa, Mountain Jam, Electric Forest, and Camp Barefoot Music Festival. There isn’t much time left to see The New Deal, so get out there and catch a show or two from the group that helped pioneer the current generation of jamtronica during its twelve-year stint as a touring act.

The New Deal Live at The Paradise on January 21, 2010.



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