Jamtronica Sampler: Pnuma Trio & Signal Path

Words By J-man

Pnuma Trio & Signal Path have been on the forefront of the jamtronica movement since 2005, if not earlier. Check out their unique blending of tasteful effects and adventurous grooves as they help to pave the way for several bands to come. Enjoy this Pnuma Trio set from The Charleston Pour House, 2006.

Pnuma Live at The Charleston Pour House on July 22, 2006. <--- Direct Archive Link

For relevancy and comparison purposes here's a Pnuma set with Ryan Burnett of Signal Path on guitar. Ryan fit right into the Pnuma vibe, taking their jamtronica capabilities to a new level with an additional layer of instrumentation. Enjoy this set from Winston's in Ocean Beach, CA, 2006.

Pnuma Live at Winston's on September 21, 2006. <--- Direct Archive Link

The set below is one of the highest rated Signal Path shows on The Archive. Signal Path's jamtronica tendencies were evident and apparent in contrast to a lot of the other electronic-oriented material at the time. Enjoy this set from Bonnaroo, 2005. I was in attendance and found myself captivated with Signal Path.

Signal Path Live at Bonnaroo Music Festival on June 9, 2005. <--- Direct Archive Link

Let's fast forward to Missoula, MT, 2010 where Signal Path showcases their current, more mature and developed sound. They are joined by Yonder Mountain String Band's Jeff Austin for an interesting jam to close the set.

Signal Path Live at The Top Hat on April 10, 2010. <--- Direct Archive Link




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