moe. in Breckenridge 4.16.11

Words By Nicholas Stock (Phat Phlog Blog)
Photos By Carly Marthis

After an amazing show by Euforquestra and Chicago Afrobeat Project at the Aggie, I got home a little after 1 A.M. I ended up working through most of the night finishing my video for the Summer Camp Counselor contest. It was a rough morning, but Amy, Jess, Chaya Bear were able to get on the road around 8 A.M. It was Amy's and my 2-year anniversary, so I was actually pretty excited for the trip. We stopped at my brother’s shop to grab a key so I could drop off the dog, and that’s when things took a rotten turn. The car began overheating, and sure enough, there was a crack in the radiator. Luckily, there was a parts store right there, and $163 later, I had the pieces to the puzzle but we were running short on time for moe. We picked up a rental, dropped off the dog as well as the car, and hit I-70. We made good time and were in line for the Gondola by 2 P.M.

The concert was part of Breckenridge Spring Fever going on until closing weekend. We found drinks and made our way up the slope to check out the second half of The Congress’s set. The Congress is a local Denver band and I really enjoyed their sound. The raw grittiness of their sound blasting against the almost melodic voice of Johnathan Meadows was amazing to watch. They ended their set with a funked out version of "This Must Be The Place (Na├»ve Melody)". I will definitely keep my eye on these guys; they were a great choice to open.

The snow began swirling and falling in small, soft clumps as the members of moe. made their way to the stage. They opened up with
"She Sends Me", which was a sweet moment for Amy and me on our special day. Here is the rest of the setlist from PT.

SET I: She Sends Me, All Roads Lead to Home, Skrunk > It, Spine Of A Dog > Haze > Four, Shoot First > Head

ENCORE: Seat Of My Pants, Akimbo

The recording of the show is up on Archive, and you can download it below. Thanks to Chuck Miller for posting.

moe. Live at Bud Light stage - Peak 8 on April 16, 2011.

The crowd was informed that Rob was not feeling well and would not be singing; the result was a back and forth between Al and Chuck, which was actually pretty solid. Chuck took the reigns on "All Roads" before the shinning gem of the set. "Skrunk > It" was a barnburner and featured Al stepping out and jamming in the snow. This was just a very Colorado experience. Taking a gondola up to 10,000 feet to see a band play on the side of a mountain was something I have not experienced before. If you’ve never watched a festival set in a snowstorm, I highly recommend it. "SOAD" started typically but got going pretty quickly. The song included some sick drum work from Jim Loughlin. "Haze" was a nice cool down but quickly built back up to a tight jam before moe. busted into a tremendous "Four". I love this song and was stoked to hear it played on Peak 8. Around the time when Chuck started into "Shoot First", the kids towards the back began tossing snowballs. What started as simple fun soon escalated and ended with the people in the first ten rows getting relentlessly pummeled. They ended the set amidst a snowball rain with a massive "Head".

The encore was a satisfying "Seat Of My Pants" followed by an energetic "Akimbo". It was a solid 2-hour jam session with Rob in the backseat. I did miss his vocals in the mix a bit but was happy that moe. didn’t have to cancel the show due to his illness. It was a fantastic way to celebrate something that began at a moe. show just two years prior. Thanks for raging with me, Amy.


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