The Motet in Denver 4.2.11

Words & Photos By J-man
Videos By Carly Mathis
Audio Recording By Corey Sandoval

The Motet Live at Bluebird Theater on April 2, 2011.

Very few bands scream Colorado like the Motet. This mountain state band brings the funk/rage consistently. Ask yourself this, "When have you ever heard anyone say anything negative, critical or slanderous about The Motet?" This simple answer is "never". With its eclectic mix of musicians and fans, The Motet brings a sound that is relateable across generations. In great company, The Bluebird Theatre got down to the danceable and consistent jams of this must hear/experience band.

In the house were a few of our local friends including our taper friend, Corey Sandoval. I was joined by my girlfriend Carly who really enjoys the Motet, and my father, a man who had no idea what he was getting into. I looked forward to everyone's opinion on the show, and even more so my father's reaction.

Lets start with the essentials. Dave Watts on the drums is easily one of the best drummers in town. His range and constant driving beats brings the house down. Dave is also who most would consider the band leader. He makes most of the logistical arrangements and is always giving cues on stage. Next would be Joey Porter. Joey's work on the keys is unsurpassed by the majority of cats not only locally, but in the scene nationwide. His chops, direction and ease/mastery of the keys make him clearly stand-out . Next would be the gentleman who stands between the fore-mentioned, Garrett Sayers. Garrett is one of the best bass players that I have ever seen. His melodies, rhythms and scales are noticeably on the next level.

The Motet was joined by Pete Wall on Baritone Saxophone and flute for the evening. As many know, I am a huge Pete Wall fan. His playing was solid and he fit in seamlessly with the Motet vibe. My one complaint was that I wish Pete was featured just a little bit more. Also featured on horns was Gabe Mervine and Matt Pitts. Together, they destroyed. On percussion, Scott Messersmith fit well with Dave Watts, creating a wall of rage. The percussion section was really on that evening in Denver.

The Motet went through several originals, a handful of covers and a whole lot of groove! There were times where the vocal section was shaky, but other than that the instrumentation was through the roof. As I have seen consistently with The Motet, the packed house got down! I looked to my left and Carly was dancing and filming, something she tends to do when she gets excited. I looked to my right and my dad was focused on the band and getting down. I felt really good about the experience.

The Motet dug deep getting into some really funky, almost jamtronica tracks. Most of the crowd, myself included, were taken over by the intensity and downright killer grooves/beats. I was reminded why I dig The Motet so much. This night, I came to the conclusion that The Motet is one of my favorite bands to see live.

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