Preservation Hall Jazz Band & Del McCoury Band: American Legacies

Words By J-man

A pair of heavy-hitters from two of America's most prominent homegrown musical genres collide on "American Legacies". The legendary Preservation Hall Jazz Band teams up with the most respected name in bluegrass music, The Del McCoury Band, for this great blend of bluegrass and old-time, New Orleans horn music. Prepare for a vibe that's unlike any found in music being released today. As the listener is taken back musically as far as the 1920's, we are reminded once again with "American Legacies" why these two incredible bands are so well respected.

We are taken back with innocent songs of love and instrumentation far beyond what we hear through current "popular music" heard on the radio. There was a time when "American Legacies" would be have wholly received and been thrust to the top of charts, and although it may be overlooked by the masses of today, true music fans will eat it up in droves.

Del McCoury's vocals lend no hints to his age as he sings with his familiar youthful vigor and passion throughout the release. The listener is graced with fantastic vocal phrasing intertwining with intriguing brass melodies and harmonies that elevate both styles of music to an almost pure form of blissful expression. "American Legacies" is a must for any avid roots/old time music fan!


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