Thursday Jazz: John McLaughlin & Carlos Santana

Words By Zach Zeidner

In honor of the Montreux Jazz Festival 2011's announcement of the John McLaughlin/Carlos Santana set, I felt it would be refreshing to reminisce of the beautiful album the two made together. A Love Supreme: Devotion is a powerful album that brings guitar heroes from the rock and jazz world together to explore the beauty behind the spirituality that can lie within music.

As it is well known, A Love Supreme by John Coltrane is the foundation of spiritual Jazz and created a whirlwind of response by critics and musicians alike. John McLaughlin, specifically, indulged highly in this concept of spiritual Jazz. From his early post-bop work, to his intense project Emergency!, and well into the Mahavishnu Orchestra years, John McLaughlin always forced an undertone of spiritual enlightenment. Enjoy this album and listen to the subtly perfect and engaging guitar work between these two legends.

To those of you who will be in attendance at the Montreux show, I salute you.


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