Funky Five: Haiku Reviews

Words By Andy DeVilbiss

It's been an unexpectedly busy week for me, so I'm bringin' the quickness with this one. I have assumed the lotus position, achieved zen and focused my chi, so here's some brief thoughts on a some newish music, delivered as tranquil haikus.

Mayer Hawthorne - Impressions (EP)

Decent soul covers
More uptempo tracks needed
At least it was free

Blitz the Ambassador - Native Sun

Ghana meets Brooklyn
Hip-hop with afrobeat band
Slammin' formula

The Genie - Here Come The Scissors

Down Under madness
Joe Jackson cover!

Monophonics - Like Yesterday (single)

New keyboardist sings
Gritty greasy throwback sound
Ready for big things

Juno What?! - Shameless

Vocoded goodies
Sleek, 80's naked funk vibe
You'll dance your ass off


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