Grant Farm Featuring Keith Moseley 5.13.11

Words & Photos By J-man

The turn out at Quixote's was solid for a night packed with music. Being that Quixote's was our second stop of the evening, we missed some of the earlier bands but arrived just in time for Grant Farm featuring Keith Moseley followed by Whiskey Tango doing a "tweener" set in the courtyard. The grill was fired up, the people were fired up and Quixote's was in full swing.

Grant Farm with Keith Moseley drew an impressive crowd! I thought each of the individual musicians were somewhat impressive, but collectively the folk/rockabilly sound didn't really appeal to me. I was surrounded by smiling folks dancing like crazy. It was a euphoric environment. All of the colors and lights of Quixote's create a really beautiful vibe.

Out on the patio, Whiskey Tango got started as Grant Farm was wrapping up. I enjoyed Whiskey Tango. The sound was by no means fine tuned, but the picking and energy was enjoyable. Again, looking around the courtyard I was surrounded by smiling faces. In the back of the courtyard Paul was grilling up his famous Jerked Chicken, there were strings of lights strung across the courtyard and the night was beautiful. Because of nights like that night, I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am to have a venue like Quixote's in my town.

Photo Gallery From The Show


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