Herbie Hancock: July 3rd, 2004

Words By Zach Zeidner

With a lineup that includes Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Dave Holland, and Brian Blade, it’s hard to expect anything less than pure and utter perfection. This show, which took place at La Theatre Du Chatlet, is an hour and twenty minute-long set that will bewilder as well as sooth you. The experimental basis behind the improvisation is eloquent, yet distributed. The classical chops of Herbie compliment the avant-garde styling of Wayne Shorter, which seems to reminisce that of Pharoah Sanders or Albert Ayler. As Shorter explores the space allocated to him by Herbie, Holland subtly lays down intricately driving bass lines. Holland walks through a complex array of chord progressions and scales, and one can’t help but to feel his free jazz experience which he has been come to be highly associated with.

With this fine array of legends provided in this lineup, it’s quite amazing that a contemporary such as Brian Blade would be on drums. If one is familiar with Blade’s work, however, this is no surprise. Brian’s unique approach to the drums has spearheaded him as one of the most highly-contended contemporary Jazz drummers today. Blade’s distinctive style with his heavy use of the cymbals and subtle driving lines with crescendo effects will leave you in disarray. Enjoy the stream of this fine performance on this Jazzy Thursday.



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