Jam Band Spotlight: Steve Kimock

Words By J-man

In honor of Steve Kimock's upcoming three night run at Quixote's this weekend in Denver, we thought who better to feature in our "Jam Band Spotlight" than Steve Kimock? That being said, this set featuring Steve Kimock hosting the Jam Cruise Jam Room seemed to be the perfect fit! Enjoy the hours of improvised mixed musician magic that this session offers and feel Kimock's influence and direction on theses deep spacey tracks!

There are very few that can come close to creating as unique a sound as Kimock's. His pull on talent and musical names helps to solidify the strength and power of his projects. The Jam Room offers a step outside of his normal work and offers a glimpse into the outer realms of Kimock. Enjoy the recording and we'll see you this weekend at Quixote's.

Jam Cruise Jam Room Live at Pigalle Lounge on January 8, 2011.


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