Jamtronica Spotlight: Hydra (Particle w/ Mickey Hart)

Words By J-man

Hydra was a short-lived dream come true for fans of roots/jamtronica music. The combination of the jamtronica band Particle and Mickey Hart, the drummer of the Grateful Dead, seemed so odd in theory, but translated well live. Mickey's spacey tones and poly-rhythmic structures, challenged Particle and Particle's danceable grooves seemed to appease Mickey's creative desire to expand sonically.

This show stands out as one of the favorites of the tour. The highlights include a twenty two minute "Ed & Molly" as well as a twenty three minute "The Glow" that transitions into a fourteen minute "Fire on The Mountain" that goes directly into a twenty three and a half minute "Luminiferous Ether". The almost hour long jam will take you to space and back and show you the true musical beauty behind Hydra.

Hydra Live at The Vic Theatre on April 16, 2005.

Set One: Stellar Particles > A Fine Open Cluster > Wavemaker > Ed + Molly

Set Two: The Glow > Fire On The Mountain > Luminiferous Ether, Creature Of Comfort > The Beginning Of Time

Encore: Heart Of The Hydra




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