New Artist Feature: The McLovins

Words By Greg Molitor (ReMIND Photography)

If you haven’t heard The McLovins, you might be looking to your nearest calendar right now to see if it’s April 1st. No, indeed it’s not, and yes, this trio is a legit group. Way legit, no joke. The McLovins at a combined age of 51-years-old can flat out bring jaw droppin’ licks to the table, and, like similar bands in our scene, what the group lacks in vocal instrumentation is more than replaced with over-the-top, blow-the-roof-off-this-mofo jams that’ll leave you speechless from their raw talent...

The video above is almost two years old, so make sure you check out the link below to see what The McLovins are bringing to the table in May 2011. Their festival schedule is light for this summer considering they are still in high school, but those attending Strange Creek Music Festival and Gathering of the Vibes are going to have a firsthand opportunity to see this band tear it up. Listen, and you’ll agree... this band WILL be huge.

The McLovins Live at Jillian's on May 14, 2011.


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