Saturday Dead (Zimmer's Picks): 7.6.87

Words By Andy Zimmer

I‘ve been on a little 80’s Dead kick recently, so here’s another show from that decade. The summer of ‘87 tour was a solid run overall, and it certainly it didn’t hurt that the boys invited some very talented guests to share their stage. Most notably, music legends Bob Dylan and Santana each showed up for a handful of dates. Today’s pick (the July 6th show from Pittsburgh) also features some damn fine musicians. Hailing from the Crescent City, the Neville Brothers have been a staple of the “New Orleans Sound” for decades. The Neville Brothers joined the Dead for the last half of the second set and help add some authenticity to bayou-classic “Iko Iko”, as well as several other tunes. I particularly enjoy their collaboration on “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”. The Neville Brothers still perform to this day, and if you haven’t had to catch these guys in a live setting, the duo should definitely be near the top of your list of artists to catch (especially at a home town show in New Orleans... preferably at JazzFest).

Make sure not to skip the beginning of the show just to get to the guests. The first half of the first set is especially nice and features a solid “Feel like a Stranger > Franklin’s Tower” opener. The “Shakedown Street” to kick off the second set rocks as Jerry does a priceless Cab Calloway impression during the jam. I could keep going, but you should probably just give it a listen! Enjoy some more classic Dead from the summer of 1987…

Grateful Dead Live at Pittsburgh Civic Arena on July 6, 1987.


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