Shpongle (Simon Posford) DJ Set: Shpongletron

Words By J-man
Photos & Video By Carly Marthis

April 20th brought the celebration of marijuana to Denver as well as Simon Posford, the DJ for the world-renound band Shpongle. My excitement was through the roof when I saw "Shpongle" on the marquee of The Bluebird Theatre. Tickets were purchased and the excitement continued to build. The day of the show I found out that it was indeed not a Shpongle set, but a Simon Posford DJ set. Initially I was disapointed...until I saw the Shpongletron.

Random Rab opened the evening with a sub-par DJ set that included Lynx (Lynx/Jannover). I wasn't impressed, and it seemed the crowd wasn't either. A couple times the crowd yelled comments like "Do something!" or "Switch it up!" When his set ended, the energy picked up.

When Posford hit the stage, his three-story multimedia galliath, the "Shpongletron", came alive. With the accompaniment of some interesting world music sounding beats and samples, the Shpongletron beamed beautiful patterns and colors with mind-bending imagery. Even the face centered on the giant conceptual piece of art moved, blinked its multiple eyes and spit out its tongue, all while moving as if it were alive.

Then entered the lasers which beamed
out from an eye-shaped screen atop the Shpongletron. The lasers were vibrant and moved in a menacing fashion with the music. I found myself over-stimulated. It became less about the music and more about the visuals, though the music was unique and enjoyable.

The crowd was enjoying the music but seemed too focus on the visuals, staring with open mouthes. It was an interesting vibe to say the least, though I found it delightfully horrifying. Glancing up at Posford high atop his creation, he was dancing, smoking and enjoying the show.

Overall I thought Simon Posford and the Shpongletron were an interesting an unique experience. If given the opportunity to experience this multimedia show, take it. Your mind will thank you.

Photo Gallery From The Show


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