Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars (Featuring DJ Logic)

Rise & Shine Remixes

Words By J-man

The 90's brought unthinkable war and bloodshed to the West African nation of Sierra Leone, claiming the lives of countless millions. This horrible conflict caused a mass exodus into the nation of Guinea forcing several into refugee camps and inhuman conditions. In an effort to raise spirits and to somehow create some kind of joy in this unimaginable situation, a handful of musicians came together to entertain fellow refugees.

Instability within the camps forced many refugees to seek a safe-haven in a Sembakounya camp near the town of Dabola. After the donation of two battered electric guitars, a micraphone and a tattered PA system, Sierra Leone's Refugee Allstars came to be.

After being "discovered" by a couple of American film-makers and Canadian musicians, a project was put into place to follow and document the musicians as they traveled from camp to camp bringing joy to those in dyer need. In tin-roof shacks in Freetown's ghettos, with a rotating cast of musicians, the tracks that would lead to their debut album were recorded.

Enter DJ Logic, a fan of Sierra Leone's Refugee Allstars' music. Logic selected five tracks from the band's 2010 release to remix, the result being Rise & Shine Remixes. This tasteful collection of remixes gets the body moving and the mind thinking about the continuing possibilities of musical collaboration. DJ Logic continues to occupy the forefront of extraordinarily musical collaboration.

The Rise & Shine Remixes are a beautiful reflection of what love, music and hope can inspire. Check out the free streaming album here.


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