Sunday Bluegrass at Quixote's 4.8.11

Mother's Day Brunch 4.8.11

Words By J-man
Photos By Carly Marthis

Bluegrass, BBQ, bubbles... Mimosas, not a "B" but worthy of mention. It was noon on a Sunday and a handful of local Denver folks found themselves in the courtyard of the ever-so-epic Quixote's. The sun was shining, the air smelled sweet, the deciduous trees were in full bloom; it was a beautiful day that already at that point in the morning included some drinking, dancing and painting. Just outside of the venue, while all of us fans got down, artists Don and Lauri were in the midst of an outdoor overhaul/Denver beautification project that was unfolding quite nicely.

The first band of the day was the Hard Boiled Band. Their mild approach to bluegrass was a good starter to the day. Under the sun, and to a hand full of fans, the HBB opened up the afternoon of music.

Oaksmere Piddie was the second band of the afternoon. Full of slip ups, trainwrecks and generally sloppy playing the young band picked through their short set, the whole time looking nervous and generally unsure. Though I will say, the crowd seemed not to mind.

Vince Herman and The Herman clan followed with a solid display of picking, some interesting banter (per usual) and an overall enjoyable set of music. The chemistry between Vince and his sons musically, was impressive. Both Silas (Mandolin, Guitar) and Colin (Bass), played with technical prowess and skill. The courtyard had filled in and folks were dancing. The smiles were big and grew larger as the day progressed. Following a hand full of traditionals and some originals mixed in for good measure, The Herman clan concluded their set.

Vince Herman Live at Quixote's True Blue on May 8, 2011.

The last band of the afternoon that we caught was Shakedown Street. As far as Grateful Dead cover bands go, I have seen my fair share, but Shakedown was good. I couldn't help but close my eyes and dig the music. It was so pure, flowing and well-done. We tried, but as it goes, the sun got the best of us and we decided to conclude our afternoon at Quixote's. Whiskey Tango would close an enjoyable evening.

There is something about Quixote's that satisfies my soul. It feels good to be there. Plainly put, it's one of the best venues in Denver. I'm not sure that we could have enjoyed our Sunday any more than we did. As well, it's nice to have a local (Colorado) venue participating in "Sunday Bluegrass"!

Photo Gallery From The Show


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