Electric Forest’s Solar Glow Disk Experience

Words By Greg Molitor

Electric Forest Festival 2011 is bringing a unique twist to the game of disc golf with the first ever Solar Glow Disk Experience. The Solar Glow Disk Experience builds upon the previous work of Stephanai Myers, author of Disc Golf Michigan, who debuted the very first extreme glow disc golf course at Hoxeyville Music Festival 2009 in Northern Michigan. Taking inspiration from Rothbury’s Sherwood Forest, Myers used 2,000 glow sticks at Hoxeyville 2009 to line the course and baskets, creating a visual disc golf experience that wowed attendees throughout the weekend.

After improving the course for Hoxeyville Music Festival 2010, Myers and friends have created The Solar Glow Disk Experience for Electric Forest 2011. The glow sticks have been replaced with solar powered LED lights to create more stunning visual stimulation as well as to promote a more sustainable disc golf experience. By combining the sport of disc golf with sustainable visual enhancements, The Solar Glow Disk Experience has invented a new way for attendees to enjoy music festivals through a positive, environmentally conscious complimentary activity. From the early inspiration of Sherwood Forest to the long-awaited return to Rothbury, Michigan, the project has truly come full circle, and if you’re traveling to Electric Forest, don’t miss this incredible spectacle as The Solar Glow Disk Experience will be making history this Fourth of July weekend!

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