Electronic Spotlight: Justice

Words By Greg Molitor (ReMIND Photography)

French electro duo Justice recently released the first single, “Civilization”, from their upcoming album that’ll be hitting the stores by year’s end. Relying less on overdriven fuzz tones and glitchy, clashing rhythms, the track is a bit of a departure from Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay’s former work. For those who are familiar with the band’s older material, the new single is unmistakably Justice as the song carries the same hook-heavy swagger that has defined the group over the past few years. In the end, you really can’t go wrong with catchy and danceable…

Justice’s debut album, Cross, was met by an enormous amount of critical acclaim after its release in 2007, making several ‘Best of’ lists while earning a Grammy nomination for ‘Best Electronic / Dance Album’. The album’s singles were complimented by some music videos that are worthy of watching for their own sake. Featured below are two of the album’s artistically impressive selections, “DVNO” and “D.A.N.C.E.” Combining pop sensibilities with an aggressive, distorted approach, Cross is a must-listen for any serious fan of music.

Aided onstage by 18 Marshall Half-Stack cabinets, Justice delivers serious noise during their live shows. The band’s performances transmit raw energy in basic form, a vibe that makes you want to rip off your shirt, beat your chest and run to the nearest structure to climb and conquer. Take a look at this video of Justice performing in Germany and you’ll get the idea. When the band releases tour dates within the next year, don’t sleep on these guys because you’ll have an experience of a lifetime if you dig their tracks. Go see Justice!



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