Fareed Haque's MathGames & Shakedown in Denver

The weekend of July 1st will mark the return of Fareed Haque and MathGames featuring Ray White to Quixote's True Blue in Denver, CO! Also, performing the music of The Grateful Dead will be Shakedown Street! Join us for three nights of top notch musicianship at one of Colorado's most incredible venue's!


The Math Games Trio is an electronica jazz/funk groove band perfect for festival rave or night club settings. It is Fareed Haque's latest project and it will be bringing their hip new sound to the road. Moog guitar enthusiasts will not want to miss this band, as the new and innovative instrument will be Fareed's ax of choice for shows. Math Games will be playing as a trio, as Flat Earth Ensemble members Alex Austin and Greg Fundis bring their talent and flair to the mix.

MathGames made its recent debut at Chicago's Mayne Stage theater in November of 2010. Watch the video below to see how this unique trio is transforming light and sound into a funktronica sweatbox. Combining the phenomenal skills of guitar master Fareed Haque with the wildly entertaining drumming of Greg Fundis, and the solid and sweet foundation supplied by Alex Austin, you get a MathGames equation that will perplex but eventually satisfy your thirst for knowledge. The band will continually provide new sights and sounds, utilizing video and light artists whenever possible. Surprises are in store.

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