Jam Band Spotlight: Furthur

Words By Greg Molitor (ReMIND Photography)

The names say it all: Bob Weir and Phil Lesh. As two of the Grateful Dead’s former members, the legendary duo represents the past and present of improvisatory expression through American rock and roll. Weir and Lesh obviously didn’t conceptualize extended touring, music festivals, audience recordings and other elements that define the jam band scene, but by inspiring countless heads during their six decades of performing, they have made a statement that will undoubtedly echo for eternity. Weir and Lesh didn’t change our world. They were a part of creating one...

With Furthur, Weir and Lesh carry on. Beginning with a headlining performance at All Good Music Festival, the band will set out on an expansive tour that takes them throughout the United States for the majority of the summer and fall. It’s anyone’s guess as to how long these guys can keep up with such a busy schedule, so if you get the opportunity, get to a Furthur show over the upcoming months. Also, check out this two-and-a-half hour sound check from the band’s 2010 music festival. The show has an incredible flow to it and does the music justice tremendously. Enjoy!

Furthur Live at Mountain Aire FURTHUR Festival on May 28, 2010.


Bob Weir (Guitar and Vocals)
Phil Lesh (Bass Guitar and Vocals)
Sunshine Becker (Vocals)
Jeff Chimenti (Keyboards)
John Kadlecik (Guitar and Vocals)
Jeff Pehrson (Vocals)
Joe Russo (Drums)



  1. listen to that bass........oh man.......jeeze.....15 night in cincinnati.......come on.........


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