Saturday Dead (Zimmer's Picks): 10.17.83

Words By Andy Zimmer

Those of you who are fans of the 80’s era Dead are probably already familiar with this week’s pick. For those of you that don’t get into 80’s Dead, or are on the fence about it, give this one a listen. The show this week comes to you from the site of the 1980 Winter Olympics... Lake Placid, NY. Three years after the Olympic Arena hosted the opening ceremonies of the winter games, the boys from San Fran showed up to put their unique stamp on the place.

From the opening bars of a long, meandering “Sugaree”; this show has the goods. Check out the superb slide work on “Little Red Rooster” and a rare live version of “My Brother Esau”. This version of “Hell in a Bucket” is just about as raw and visceral as they come. Conversely, “To Lay Me Down” is beautiful, serene... but not simplistic at all. The second set highlights include a kickin’ version of “Terrapin Station” and an absolutely beautiful version of “The Wheel” coming out of “Space”. If this show doesn’t sell you on early-80’s Dead... well, I don’t know what will.

Grateful Dead Live at Olympic Arena on October 17, 1983.


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