This Ain’t My First Rodeo

Words By Nicholas Stock (
Photos By Stu Hald & Greg Molitor

Well, I think it’s time for a formal introduction. I’ve been writing some reviews for MusicMarauders but have recently been asked to become a weekly contributor. For those that don’t know, I have been blogging in and around the Front Range scene for the last three years. I am a contributor to Surrender To The Flow Magazine was selected to be the first ever Summer Camp Counselor. Beyond all of that, I am a videographer and an editor for my nine to five. I enjoy live music in a big way. I originally got my feet wet in the scene during my first year at the University of Iowa in 1999. I’ve had the opportunity to see an amazing array of live performances and a few years ago felt like it was time to add my voice by documenting my travels. Things have been steadily picking up ever since. I enjoy writing and giving my experience to those that made it and those that did not. I feel that it is a gift whenever I read a review about a show that I could not attend, and I try to spread that gift as widely as possible. With some help from MusicMarauders, I am finding new readers and viewers of my content daily.

I will continue to write show reviews and they may even find their way into this column, but I will also discuss a wider variety of jam-related content. I’d like to talk about new albums, local secrets, and smart show-going as well. I find that discussing these elements can be incredibly beneficial and I will try to spread quality information in this forum. We have a ton of amazing voices here at Music Marauders and I am truly honored to add mine. I am available on Facebook as well as on my blog so feel free to reach out and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. I am fairly proficient in the venues of both the Midwest and the Mountain region so find me at a show and say hello.

For my first post, I’d like to talk about one of the top moments for me at Summer Camp 2011. Part of my prize package as counselor included a private campsite show. Now, I was sort of getting teased about it all weekend. It could be some members of moe., or some of the guys from Cornmeal. No, it could be a super jam. Finally on Sunday after Widespread Panic’s set, I hopped in a golf cart with Holly and rode over to the Camping Stage where we met up with Allie and Kris from Cornmeal. We caravanned down the dirt path and pulled in past the VIP gate where my friends and all of the members of moe. had assembled. I took my seat in front of my tent and the magic began. Cornmoe. played us a two-song set by the headlights of the golf carts. It is something that will forever be etched into my memory. I was literally four feet away from Chuck as they played. We were so close that we could feel the breeze from Allie’s bow as she shredded her violin.

Set: Roll in my Sweet Baby’s Arms, The Weight

It was just unbelievable that they were literally playing for me. And honestly the crowd was no more than sixty people. At one point, a couple of spunions charged through the crowd, probably in a hurry to catch moe.’s last set. Everyone sort of giggled as they were moving so quickly that they didn’t even pay attention to what they were passing. During “The Weight”, Rob flubbed a verse before everyone joined in sing-along style. For a minute it really did feel like a real Summer Camp, only with some randomly strewn glow sticks replacing the campfire. After they were done the crowd parted like the Red Sea and the golf carts drove off into the darkness. As the people dispersed my crew and I just stood there a little dumbfounded by what we had witnessed. It was truly a highlight of the weekend for anyone that saw it go down. I was in a state of euphoric bliss as we made our way to the Moonshine stage for the close of the festival.

I look forward to adding to this amazing community that has been created by J-man and the rest of MM. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you at the next show.


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