A Celebration of Jerry Garcia at Quixote's

Words By J-man

Jerry Garcia. There is no more prominent figure on our scene than Jerry. His contribution to the music we all love is immeasurable. Quixote's owner Jay Bianchi, recognizes that maybe more so than any other. Stepping inside Quixote's True Blue is like stepping into a museum for all things Dead. August 1st, Jerry's Birthday, the celebration will begin and continue through the nine days leading up to Jerry's untimely passing on August 9th...

Monday August 1st: Shakedown Street & Gypsy Wild (Jerry's Birthday)
Tuesday August 2nd: Frogs Gone Fishin'
Wednesday August 3rd: Fresh Hops & Flypaper
Thursday August 4th: New Speedway Boogie
Friday August 5th: Willie Waldman Project, Red Eyed Djinn & Rufus J Fisk
Saturday August 6th: Euforquestra & Chaz Depaulo
Sunday August 7th: Mighty High Band & Pine Tree Refugees
Monday August 8th: Badass Blues Jam
Tuesday August 9th: Shakedown Street (The day Jerry died)

Following the celebration of Jerry's life, Quixote's will celebrate the life of Mikey Houser, the former lead guitarist of Widespread Panic.

Also, don't miss the Melvin Seals & The Jerry Garcia Band Friday August 12 & Saturday August 13th!

Wednesday August 10th: Songs for Mikey



  1. Check out Fresh Hops on Aug 3rd and outside on Aug 4th. Famed singer Scotty Larson is joining for a special tribute to Jerry. Both days Fresh Hops will be perfroming songs from the dead and JGB songbooks. Then on Monday August 8th we will be doing a special Jerry Garcia show at Sancho's Broken Arrow. Don't miss these shows and Fresh Hops Colorado Tour!


  2. We're looking forward to checking you guys out. We've heard good things.



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