Grateful Dead: Upstate NY

Words By J-man

This week we bring you another sampler from a hot spot for the Grateful Dead, Upstate New York. Enjoy these three picks from the Finger Lakes region of New York: Rochester, Buffalo and Ithaca.

First up, Rochester 1976 at The Community War Memorial. By several accounts this one one of the most trippy shows of 1976. The "Help>Slipknot>Drums>Other One>Wharf Rat>Slipknot>Franklin's Tower>Around" is a massive closer and the highlight of the show.

Grateful Dead Live at Community War Memorial Auditorium on September 27, 1976.

Next is one of the all time greats. This is the highest rated show on the Archive and took place in Ithaca in 1977. Every song and jam are instant classics. For me, the highlight of the show was the "Scarlet>Fire". This jam is widely considered the pinnacle of the Grateful Dead's career. The energy is palatable and captures pure musical beauty.

Grateful Dead Live at Barton Hall, Cornell University on May 8, 1977.

The last pick of the sampler is one from Buffalo 1979. This show was a smoking show with almost every song in the second set goes into the next! Check out the "Dancin' in The Streets>Franklin's Tower". Also check out the "Estimated>He's Gone" and enjoy this gem.

Grateful Dead Live at Buffalo Auditorium on November 9, 1979.

Have a Grateful Saturday!


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