Herbie Hancock Tribute 7.10.11

Quixote's True Blue
Denver, CO

Words By J-man

If there is one thing I love, it's The Motet. If there's is a second thing I love, it's jazz. Number three on the list would be Quixote's. Combine all three and I am in musical heaven. Sunday July 10th was just such a night, when everything aligned. That night Quixote's would play host to a ton of bands, most notably The Motet and The Vince Herman Clan. The end result would be incredible.

The courtyard was filling in following a few sets of acoustic music. Vince and his sons took the stage with Amy Finders and a pair of banjo pickers around 7:00pm. What followed was a typical set of traditional folk/bluegrass tunes with a twist. Towards the middle/end of the set sloppiness took over and the set became more entertaining. At one point Amy asked the crowd what music gets the ladies going, at which point Vince bent down and started producing a vocal "Untz" into the guitar mic.

Inside the main room members of The Motet Dave Watts, Joey Porter & Garrett Sayers, as well as Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic finished up their soundcheck. Looking around, it was impossible to tell that it was a Sunday night. Quixote's filled in like it had during some of the Steve Kimock shows and the people were ready to party.

With the first few bars of the set, the pace was set for a funk rage. Herbie's music is very technically advanced, and who better to take it on in straight jazz/funk style than The Motet? Dave led the charge on drums, powering through some complex arrangements. Garrett did as he always does on bass, blow everyone in the room away. Dominic was an absolute assassin on the sax. His style and ability are nothing short of mind-blowing. Then there was Joey... A new respect was formed that evening. His elevated playing and incredible dexterity easily put him at the top of our scene musically.

They played two sets of nasty funk filled Herbie with classics like "Watermelon Man" and "Chameleon" and hosted a couple of guests. Ryan Jalbert (Motet, Dubskin) sat in on guitar, taking the intensity to higher levels. As well Matt Pitts (Motet) sat in on sax to contribute a couple of ripping solos. Jeremy Salken (Big Gigantic) also sat in on drums. All of the musicians were at the top of the game and the experience was uplifting. It was another beautiful evening at Quixote's.



Photo Gallery From The Show


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