I Saw Live Dopapod Evil Was I

Words By J-man

Hailing from Boston, and on the brink of national exposure, Dopapod has released it's second album in free digital download format. The album is a compilation of the first portion of 2011. The result is a funk, jam, jazz and electronica/jamtronica delight. Fortunately for Dopapod, their talent, instrumentation and powerful sound help to separate them in a growing market.

The album opens with a fifteen minute (plus) "Freight Train" that sucks the listener in immediately. The heavy keys, guitar work, bass and drums give the track an almost 2001-2004 Particle feel and take the listener on a journey through all kinds of progressive sections. The album takes a turn towards space with "French Bowling" and doesn't let up through a handful of tastefully adventurous tracks. "Off The Cuff" slows the album down and allows the band to feature a little bit of soul. The album closes with a take on Led Zeppelin's "Dazed and Confused".

I Saw Live Dopapod Evil Was I is one of the best, most consistent straight ahead jamtronica albums in some time. The time is now to tune into Dopapod if you're looking for crunchy, danceable, progressive instrumental music.

A Note to Festival Promoters: Dopapod would be perfect for the late-night at your festival.

Download the new album for free at www.dopapod.com


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