Jam Band Spotlight: Zach Deputy

Words By Greg Molitor

Soul. Folks either have it or they don’t, and for Zach Deputy, it’s undeniable. The guy has “it”… plain and simple. The ubertalented act’s been on quite the rise over the past few years, a time span that’s taken Deputy across the country numerous times and delivered fans countless shows of his roots-inspired magic. Seemingly all this guy knows is good vibes, and they’re certainly not in short supply…

Zach’s next tour begins on September 7, with a show in Roanoke, VA. After that, he’ll be rollin’ through the entire U.S. in support of his upcoming new album titled Another Day. Get out and support him when he comes near your hometown! You won’t regret it, and besides, what’s not to love about some good ol’ unabashed soul?

Zach Deputy Live at The Middle East Downstairs on December 27, 2010.



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