Jamtronica Sampler: The Roots of Jamtronica

Words By Greg Molitor


Gong was formed in 1967 after lead member Daevid Allen was denied entrance to England due to a visa complication. He remained in France and started the underground group that has been highly influencial in the progressive / space rock world as well as in the jamtronica scene. There’s a ton of history behind the music of Gong so do a bit of research and you’ll truly see how far the rabbit hole goes. When watching the video below, you’ll be able to pick up on some elements that still linger in today’s jamtronica scene…


Ozric Tentacles:

Somerset, England’s Ozric Tentacles, big fans of Gong themselves, were also extremely influential in pioneering the current sounds of jamtronica. Using a wide array of electronics on the fly during their performances, Ozric Tentacles broke new ground in the mid-80s with a deep textures wrapped around unusual time signatures and Eastern modal ideas…


The Disco Biscuits:

Fast forwarding to the mid-90s, Philadelphia-based The Disco Biscuits were the first group in the United States to break out as stars in what we now call the jamtronica scene. The band uses a variety of techniques to create a shape-shifting sound their fans call “Trance Fusion” with very little emphasis on prerecorded tracks and samples. Their ability to create improvised electronic sounding music has set the standard for many bands that’ve followed in their successful path.



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