Kung Fu's Debut "Self Titled" Album

Words By J-man

The "super-group" Kung Fu was spawned directly out of the east coast jam scene via a Monday night jam session. Comprised of members of The Breakfast, RAQ, Scofield/Jazz is Dead and Deep Banana Blackout, one would assume their sound would reflect that of all of their parts. But indeed, Kung Fu is all together something different. On a mission to bring jazz fusion back, Kung Fu has released their debut album appropriately titled Kung Fu.

Kung Fu is a near straight fusion album that packs one hell of a punch. Every member of the band plays a crucial roll in it's production. The melody lines are all over the place, yet the band's composition is tight through some impressive instrumentation. Tim Palmieri's guitar work screams of focused practice and control. Todd Stoops' key work is at times, near terrifying and his musical relationship with Tim seems limitless.

On the Saxophone, Robert Somerville. Robert's playing is very straight ahead and clean. His tonal quality is reminiscent of many of the pioneers. David Livolsi's bass playing was intense and extremely prominent. David does not hide in the shadows of the background. He is right up front for all to hear. As is Adrian Tramantano on drums. His precision, accuracy and ability to take over is as noticeable as a smack in the face, as well is deep rooted in variety.

Kung Fu is a great album for any jam, jazz or fusion fan. But as is necessary to note, this album is not for the faint of heart. Enjoy with caution and an open mind. Kung Fu and it's members didn't pave the the way for the genre, but they are taking it to the next level and building on some of the most enjoyable aspects of jazz, jam, fusion and funk!



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