Saturday Dead: Golden Gate Park 9.28.75

Words By J-man

Golden Gate Park has always been a special place for the Dead and their fans. Since the early years of the Dead they have been putting on shows in this magical place. September 28th, 1975 was no different.

Grateful Dead Live at Lindley Meadows, Golden Gate Park on September 28, 1975.

The magic began with "Help is On The Way>Slipknot!", a favorite for many Deadheads. Other highlights of the show include "Music Never Stops", "Franklin's Tower" and the extended "Truckin'>Jam>Drums>King Solomon's Marbles>Not Fade Away>Going Down The Road Feeling Bad>One More Saturday Night"...

The energy was high, the recording is clean and the fact that it was another free show in Golden Gate Park elevated the vibe further. One of the additional highlights of the show comes when Phil and Bobby call for a stretcher at the soundboard and announce "Your wife's having a baby"!

Enjoy this gem and feel the magic for yourself!


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