Saturday Dead: Oregon Sampler

Words By J-man

The Grateful Dead have always connected with Oregon. Maybe it's the west coast vibe, or the relatively close proximity to their stomping grounds in the San Francisco Bay Area. Regardless of reason, the is no denying that the Dead and family have always put on great shows in the beautiful northwest state of Oregon! Enjoy our picks from a handful of Dead related groups from several different era's...

First up, a classic couple of sets from The Grateful Dead at the Old Renaissance Faire Grounds in Veneta, OR in 1972. The highlights include a heartfelt "Sugaree" (with Jerry's vocals near his peak), a beautifully paced "China Cat>Rider", a thirty one minute "Dark Star", a classic "Sugar Magnolia" and the encore, "One More Saturday Night". The show reflects the youthful Dead, with driving jams and a clean finish.

Grateful Dead Live at Old Renaissance Faire Grounds on August 27, 1972.

Promised Land, Sugaree, Me & My Uncle, Deal, Black Throated Wind, China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider, Mexicali Blues, Bertha Playin' In The Band, He's Gone, Jack Straw, Bird Song, Greatest Story Ever Told Dark Star-> El Paso, Sing Me Back Home, Sugar Magnolia, Casey Jones, One More Saturday Night

Next up we present to you a set from Grateful Dead bass player Phil Lesh's band, Phil Lesh & Friends at Cuthbert Ampitheater in Eugene, OR 1999. He is joined by a front line comprised of Steve Kimock and Warren Haynes on guitars and Michael Kang on the electric fiddle. It's a beautiful show. Check out the "Mississippi Half Step" as well as the shredding between Steve and Warren on "Blue Sky" with Kang fiddling away. The vibes ooze from this one...

Phil Lesh and Friends Live at Cuthbert Ampitheater on August 18, 1999.

Like A Rolling Stone-> I Know You Rider, Mississippi Half Step*, Patchwork Quilt*, It's Up Too You*, She Said-> Tomorrow Never Knows*, Jack-A-Roe*, Days Between*, Blue Sky, Lovelight, E: Casey Jones

Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir displays the full extent of Ratdog's talent on this recording from the McDonald Theatre in Eugene, OR in 2002. While attempting to select some highlights from the show, I realized I would be doing the reader a disservice to recommend anything except a straight listen through on this one. Let this serve as proof of Bobby's post Dead musical success and ability.

Ratdog Live at McDonald Theatre on April 3, 2002.

Jam > Eyes of the World, Love Supreme Jam > Truckin > Love Supreme Jam > Brown-Eyed Women, This Time Forever > Shade of Grey > Hell in a Bucket, Bury Me Standing > Scarlet Begonias. El Paso, Corrina > Ramble On Rose, Cassidy > Jam > Help on the Way > Slipknot! > Bass/Drums, Wharf Rat > Ashes and Glass > Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower E: Brokedown Palace

Lastly and of the most current incarnation, we drop at the entrance to your head a set from Furthur at Cuthbert Amphitheater in Eugene, OR from last year. Said to be one of the best from the tour and backed by it's near perfect rating on the Archive, this was an easy choice. Highlights include a sixteen minute "Estimated Prophet", a beautiful seventeen and a half minute "Scarlet Begonias", winding down the show with an incredible twenty two minute "Terrapin Suite" followed by a killer "Saint Stephen", a "Sugar Magnolia", "Playing in The Band" and ending the show with "Touch of Grey". Near perfect.

Furthur Live at Cuthbert Amphitheater on September 17, 2010.

Here Comes Sunshine, Truckin', On The Road Again, Estimated Prophet, Passenger, Lost Sailor, Saint of Circumstance, Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion

Scarlet Begonias, Bird Song, Uncle John's Band, Mountain Song, Terrapin Suite, St. Stephen, Sugar Magnolia, Donor Rap

Playin' in the Band Reprise, Touch of Gray

The Dead have lasted the test of time and not without struggle. But let the above recordings remind us of the good times from one of the Dead's favorite places, Oregon!


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