Traditional Bluegrass Sampler

Words By J-man

In the current world of bluegrass music, there is a lot of innovation and expansion stirring up the old-timers. But what about the folks who are continuing and strengthening the traditions? Enjoy this sampler of the more traditional side of bluegrass...

First, we have the Del McCoury Band. There is not a band today that has done more for continuing the bluegrass traditions than Del and The Boys.

Next on the list is a relatively newer band, The Henhouse Prowlers out of Chicago. The Prowlers are honoring the traditions of bluegrass all the way down to suits, ties, and a single-mic formation. The Henhouse Prowlers are truly carrying the bluegrass torch...

Lastly, we shine the light on Union Station. Union Station has crossed over onto the pop country charts to some degree, however at their roots is traditional bluegrass of the highest variety. Their musicianship and ability to channel the music is on another level all together. Additionally, they contributed one of the current day bluegrass anthems "Man of Constant Sorrow"...


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