Ultraviolet Hippopotamus 7.15.11

Words Photos & Video By J-man

Michigan's Ultraviolet Hippopotamus returned to Denver, Colorado, for a night of music with Yamn at the Bluebird Theater. Due to the fact that I was departing early the following morning for a week-long vacation, I opted to check out UV Hippo then take off for some much needed rest. That evening, I was blown away once again by one of the best and most consistent jam band/jamtronica acts on the scene. With the addition of The Motet's Pete Wall, fans were graced with an extra-special experience.

The near empty venue began to fill-in as Hippo took the stage, and per usual, they destroyed from the get go. Hippo's ability to tear through progressive riffs and arrangements interests most jam fans to no end. Each member of the band brings a significant piece to the puzzle that, when assembled, creates a satisfyingly full sound and paints a beautiful musical picture.

Hippo featured a lengthy set for an opening slot which included some original tunes from their newest album, Square Pegs, Round Holes. Additionally the set included covers of Umphrey's McGee's "Nothing Too Fancy" and Garaj Mahal's "Stoked on Razaki", featuring Pete Wall (Motet). Pete was also featured on UV's "Cheshire Cat", elevating the song to new heights. It was great to hear Hippo with a sax, and the collaboration between these two powerhouse was jaw-dropping.

Since first experiencing Hippo, I have wondered what it would take for them to achieve greatness. The sound and instrumentation are there. The drive and heart is evident. The grass roots exposure is clear and the fans are excited. With their constant touring and raging abilities, it's only a matter of time before the opportunity is placed at their doorstep. Who will be the festival/promoter that grants them their groundbreaking opportunity?

Set 1: In The Flesh>Dusty's Trumpet>The Scar>Nothing Too Fancy>Run Rabbit Run>T1J, Broomhilda, Cheshire Cat>Stoked on Razaki*, Chorale

* with Pete Wall


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