Bill Laswell: Axiom Sound System Musical Freezone

Words By J-man

Why do you fear jazz? Why does is terrify your soul, leaving you confused and disoriented? Is it the impulsive arrangements? The lack of organization? The scary tones? Lets transition from our "Wednesday World Beat" into our "Thursday Jazz" utilizing a little bit of both on this extraordinary project, Bill Laswell's Axiom Sound System Musical Freezone...

Laswell joins forces with with legends Zakir Hussein (tablas) and Ustad Sultan Khan (vocal, sarangui) as well as DJ Disk, Karsh Kale (drums) and Nils Petter Molvaer (trumpet) for an unforgettable session that combines several genres in an elevated musical mix.

This music is not for the weak of heart, but indeed for those looking to expand their understanding of rhythm and freeform. Watch as some of the best at what they do, lead you on a mind-bending musical adventure.


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