Jamtronica Sampler: The Rise of Headtronics

Words & Photos By J-man

Headtronics Live at River Street Jazz Cafe August 8, 2010.

Headtronics is another one of those projects that fall under the classification of a "super-group". This mixed project calls on the musical contributions of Steve Moliz (Particle), DJ Logic, Freekbass and at times The Wizard of Woo, Bernie Worrell. The combination of funk, jazz, jam and electronic influences create something all together new.

Upon first hearing of this project, my excitement was through the roof. The possibilities seemed almost endless.

Check out my first encounter with Headtronics at River Street Jazz Cafe here.

Headtronics continues with a mix of incarnations including members of Fareed Haque's MathGame as well as other special guests. Their story continues to be written, and the saga goes on. Do not miss a chance to catch this rare gem, as their performances are few and far between.



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