Signal Path: A Decade of Innovation

Words & Photo By J-man

When I hit the scene for the first time in 2001-2002, Signal Path was there. I recall seeing SP at many of my first festivals and thinking "What these guys are doing is unique". They weren't as much a part of the electronic movement that was sweeping over the United States, as much as they were pioneers of a separate movement, the jamtronica movement. A movement of instrumentalists with the ability to create a sound so consistent and so smooth that it came off as if machines and computers were the source of creation. Their subtle notation and danceable intuition created a vibe like none other. They weren't the only band involved in this movement, but they were one of the originals and one of the best.

Check out the earliest recording of Signal Path on the Archive...

Signal Path Live at Fox Theater on December 7, 2002.

The combination of live drums and guitar work made for a unique sound and allowed for more diverse range and options than the standard turntable/laptop work that was being done at the time. Not only was the effort and focus being put into raw instrumentation, but tastefulness as well (which is one of the issues that has always plagued electronic music). Their carefully, well thought out approach to the music is evident and the exploration of possibility has always run deep.

As the band's career progressed so too did their line-up. Going through some personnel changes and a short hiatus, SP returned to the scene in 2009, sounding refreshed and rejuvenated.

Nearly a decade after their birth, SP continues to tour and impress. One of the most admirable thing about SP is their willingness to share and distribute their music for free, allowing their fans open access to their output. More recently SP has been exploring a unique concept coined "The Quadrilogy", which refers to their four part seasonal album releases.

Check out their most recent recording from the Archive and notice the development in their sound...

Signal Path Live at Old Pearl St Jam Fest on July 9, 2011.

As time continues, so too does the progression of Signal Path. Their music continues to spawn new ideas within the realm of their sets and style as well as their conceptual output. If you haven't listened to SP prior, now is as good of time as any to dive right in. Their music is readily available and their tour schedule as usual is expansive. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain...


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