Bluegrass Sunday: Tony Furtado

Words By J-man
Photo By Nicholas Stock

Is it bluegrass? Is it rock? Is it jazz? Actually its Tony Furtado an his talented, unique blend of genre crossing music. His prolific banjo, slide and guitar work are sure to impress fans of good music. His music is instrumentally sound and takes listeners on a musical adventure. The lyrics are sweet and soothing. Those drawn to lyrically oriented music will absolutely dig Tony's word. Check out this recording from June of 2000 of The Tony Furtado Band at The Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO...

Tony Furtado Band Live at The Fox Theatre on June 3, 2000.

For a more current reflection of Tony's sound we turn to a much later recording from Hotel Oregon in McMinnville, Oregon in 2010. His sound is pure and adventurous, with unique musical arrangements. His utilization of the slide and electric guitar is mind-blowing...

Tony Furtado Band Live at Hotel Oregon on June 12, 2010.

Check out Tony Furtado and his band!


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